Tiens Super Calcium Powder with Metabolic Factors


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Wheat grass substance helps strengthen the immune system. Our product Tianshi Diabetic Calcium is % 100 naturals and has low calories, low fat, no sucrose. Tianshi Diabetic Calcium low in calories, fat, and no sugar ingredients, is an ideal natural product for diabetic persons who suffer a lack of calcium. Its preparation is totally pure and natural.

Super Calcium Powder with Metabolic Factors is specially formulated for diabetes by removing sugar while adding a pumpkin recipe (pancreas mender) to number one above.

All natural ingredients, no sucrose, low in fat and calories.
1 sachet (10g) contains more than 360 mg of enzymolysis bone calcium powder.
Pumpkin flour added contains CTY (cyclopropyl amino acid, a blood sugar lowering factor), which can effectively regulate the secretion function of pancreatic gland.
Contains 18 kinds of amino acids, collagen, phosphoprotein, minerals and vitamins.
Protect the pancreas, supplement calcium, lower blood sugar, equalize nutrition and prevent diabetic complications.
Contains oligosaccharide, which can stimulate the multiplication of bifidobacteria in intestinal tract, maintain the normal functions of intestinal tract, and enhance immunity.

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