Welcome to NOTUNBAZAR Free Classifieds Website. 

This classified tool has 100% post free ads facility. Anyone can easily buy and sell in their region without any registration. 

Notunbazar.com is visioned not only to be a very handy classified tool, but also much more. The ultimate version of notunbazar.com is aimed to empower even the underprivileged group of society with eCommerce access.

The first version of NotunBazar.com was released on the 16th December 2012, in honor to all the freedom fighters, martyrs and birangonas.

NotunBazar.com is proudly powered by ABAC Technologies Ltd. (www.abac-bd.com), which is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We, ABAC Technologies Ltd, believe it to be a great opportunity to serve our nation better with our work. We know the rich history of our country, of our language. The bloodshed, the highest sacrifices by our women during the 1971 war, the great movements by our leaders and people all gives us high inspiration to work harder and finer. We are proud Bangladeshis.

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